If you’ve ever ventured all the way to the far northern reaches of Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior you may have seen Dave Ujke perform, at least if you have a taste for a little bit of the nightlife. Maybe it was at Tom’s Burned Down Café on Madeline Island or at any of the other local watering holes and outdoor stages sprinkled throughout the Chequamegon Bay region. Dave has spent over forty years playing his guitar and entertaining audiences in and around his hometown of Bayfield, near the Red Cliff Reservation and beyond. His lyrics are anchored in the small town midwestern experience, and his sound rooted in rock and the blues with elements of country, funk, soul and folk sneaking in for good measure. His influences are as eclectic as they are interesting, covering everything from Prince to Johnny Cash. The musical landscape he covers is universally relatable as he sings about life, love, loss and the healing power and unifying message of music, all the while making sure he has so much fun that you can’t help going along for the ride! 

The Singer/Songwriter is now touring in support of his debut solo effort Northern Songs, which is scheduled for release in early 2024. Check out some of the new music on his YouTube artist page!