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Dave – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Harmonica
Brother Jon – Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Casey Frensz– Bass guitar & Backing Vocals
Matt Mwangi – Drums & Backing Vocals


In the backwoods on a one lane road
I wanted her so bad I was about to explode
Pretty as a flower, soft as the breeze
Looked so good I could hardly believe

In the middle of nowhere that’s where we had our fun
Down a twisted track in the back of a car away from everyone
On the most perfect day that I’ve ever known
On Echo Valley Road
Down on Echo Valley Road

Hey, hey, hey – have you ever had one of those days?
They only come around once if you’re lucky and the memory never fades away
In my mind I keep going back to that same old episode
On Echo Valley
Down on Echo Valley Road

She’s a little bit gypsy a little bit hippy, a little bit country a little bit city
You just can’t make up that vibe
Everyone loves her cuz she’s so sweet, but that girl she loves only me
And when she asks me to take her for a ride
I say baby I know exactly where you wanna go
If we leave right now we can take our time and go down real slow
Just like back in the day we can go for a drive to the place our love can overflow
On Echo Valley
Down on Echo Valley Road

We found love on Echo Valley Road

(c) 2022 Dave Ujke
All rights reserved