1. Conelickers
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Dave – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Brother Jon – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Eric Meyer – Bass Guitar
Casey Frensz – Keyboards & Horns
Matt Mwangi - Drums


Cone lickers
Cone lickers
Cone lickers, cone lickers

Cone licker, what do you do, are you a science teacher at a private school?
You wanna live where the little people do but with a second home and a mini canoe
A double scoop of tiramisu
A waffle cone and a milk ball too

Cone lickers come around bout June on a girls weekend or a honeymoon
At the B&B it’s a cup of tea but at the Candy Shoppe it’s cookies & cream
Raspberry sorbet, pecan praline
They drive the wrong way on a one-way street

Cone lickers, what do you say?
Cone lickers, what do you know?
Cone lickers, where do you go when the summer’s over and the Lake gets cold?

hen it’s summertime and the sun is high and you need something to keep you cool
You better head on down to the Candy Shoppe 'cause they got something for you
Cone licker

Neapolitan or pistachio or an eskimo ice cream cone
Me I need a double scoop of superman to keep from staring at my phone

Cone lickers
Cone lickers
Cone lickers

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All rights reserved