Pre-season/Dylan Fest

The full season schedule is now up. I'm super excited to have added the Bob Dylan Fest singer songwriter contest on Friday of Memorial Day weekend (5/24) at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth. Additional details are in the Shows Tab and in the links that you will find there. I'll be performing one original song (The Place That I Come From) and one Dylan song (You're a Big Girl Now) as part of the competition along with eleven other contestants. I will be performing third. I also plan to be running those songs and possibly others at the Backstage open mic 🎤 on Wednesdays in Bayfield between now and the time of the competition. 

My upcoming debut release Northern Songs is now in production; I had previously been waiting my turn in line. We've now finished 7 of the 10 tracks and hope too finish up some time in the next couple of weeks --- I can't wait to get the entire release into y'all's earholes. 🎧 I'll also be releasing the Conelicker 🍦 video shortly after Memorial Day weekend as-is and without any fancy production. Many miigwetches to everyone that played a part; I especially appreciate your patience as I unsuccessfully attempted to make it all FANCY… 🤣🤣🤣 

There are now additional items in the store including Baxter Bear and Circle Logo coffee cups so please check it out and share with your friends. I truly appreciate everyone's support and look forward to seeing you this 100-day season at a show! ☮♥

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