Northern Songs

Dave Ujke

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This is my debut record. If you want to know about me, give it a listen - I hope you love it!

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Latest News


My new record is now available for digital download; CDs will be available within the next few weeks and vinyl LPs later this summer. It has been a two-year labor of love, and I couldn't have done it without everyone that participated in this project and my wife Roberta. A special shout out to Brother Jon Rabideau who has been a constant source of encouragement and support and slays it on lead throughout the album. In addition, the record simply wouldn't have been nearly as good without the input, guidance and feedback I received from recording engineer and master instrumentalist Casey Frensz at Inner Groove Studios. Finally, many thanks to Ryan Rusch at The Weight Room (and Inland Sea Recording) who helped me fine tune the masters and kept on me to “stay picky”. Of course, I also want to thank the other fine musicians who contributed: Drummers Matthew Mwangi (Bernard Allison) and Brett Hulmer (The Place That I Come From); Bassists Eric Meyer (Craig Clark Band), Chris Warren (Brother Jon Band) and Reilly Griffin; Keyboardist Joe Kemmerling; Vocalist V. Renee Wynn (Keep the Groove) and Native American Flute Player Frank “Anakwad” Montano (Where The Horses Sing). It took everyone's input and participation to bring this vision to life.

I've also uploaded the Conelicker video just in time for prime conelicker season! Cover art for the album is included in the “Photos” section. Please like, share and subscibe. I hope to see everyone reading this at a show sometime very soon. Thanks for being a part of this.

Pre-season/Dylan Fest 

The full season schedule is now up. I'm super excited to have added the Bob Dylan Fest singer songwriter contest on Friday of Memorial Day weekend (5/24) at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth. Additional details are in the Shows Tab and in the links that you will find there. I'll be performing one original song (The Place That I Come From) and one Dylan song (You're a Big Girl Now) as part of the competition along with eleven other contestants. I will be performing third. I also plan to be running those songs and possibly others at the Backstage open mic 🎤 on Wednesdays in Bayfield between now and the time of the competition. 

My upcoming debut release Northern Songs is now in production; I had previously been waiting my turn in line. We've now finished 7 of the 10 tracks and hope too finish up some time in the next couple of weeks --- I can't wait to get the entire release into y'all's earholes. 🎧 I'll also be releasing the Conelicker 🍦 video shortly after Memorial Day weekend as-is and without any fancy production. Many miigwetches to everyone that played a part; I especially appreciate your patience as I unsuccessfully attempted to make it all FANCY… 🤣🤣🤣 

There are now additional items in the store including Baxter Bear and Circle Logo coffee cups so please check it out and share with your friends. I truly appreciate everyone's support and look forward to seeing you this 100-day season at a show! ☮♥

Slow Season 

A quick update for everyone: (1) final production of Northern Songs has been delayed. I expect to have everything finished and available sometime in early 2024; (2) the Conelicker video has also been delayed, indefinitely for now, due to unforeseen complications. I haven't yet decided how to proceed…; (3) I will be playing a holiday season show (no actual holiday songs will be performed) at The Battle Axe in Iron River on Saturday, December 30 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.; (4) peace and love to you and yours this holiday season. Be well this Winter; I'll be working out new material (sometimes at the Backstage open stage on Wednesday nights in Bayfield), both solo and with Mark Rossow as Bad Example and concentrating on some songwriting. Hope to see you out sometime soon! 

Conelicker Video  

It's a wrap! The Conelicker video is in the can and in the process of final editing before I release it and share it with the world. You can review the photos chosen for the video on the Photos tab. Many, many thanks for everyone that participated and helped me out with photos. If you have a problem with your photo speak soon or forever be immortalized as a Conelicker with a photo you don't like… CONELICKER

P.S., I'm also interested in any information anyone can provide about photos that include the caption “Unknown” since I'd love to identify other participants and keep them informed. Thanks!

Studio Session Wrap 

The final sessions for Northern Songs took place at Inner Groove Studios in Minneapolis this weekend. Maestro and multi-instrumentalist Casey Frensz was at the helm once again along with guitarist extraordinaire Brother Jon Rabideaux. Bassists Chris Warren and Reilly Griffin laid down the bottom end on the new tracks and keyboardist Joe Kemmerling added some very tasty accompaniment. The new songs we recorded were “What We Do Is Secret” (a funky blues number that I have been playing out the latter part of the season at live shows) “The Place That I Come From” (a grand, string-infused biopic love song to the Chequamegon Bay region) and “Where Horses Sing” (a Native American-inspired love song to Mother Earth).

The track listing for Northern Songs is as follows (not necessarily in any particular order):

  • Echo Valley Road (for Roberta)
  • Baxter Bear
  • Tomorrow (to Bernie)
  • Where the Horses Sing (with Frank “Anakwad” Montano)
  • Keep the Groove (ft. V. Renee Wynn)
  • What We Do Is Secret
  • Blues In the Mornin'
  • (If You'se a) Viper
  • Conelickers
  • The Place That I Come From

You can hear six of the tracks under the “Music” tab on this website; you'll have to wait until the album release to hear the other four. Work now transitions to mixing and mastering before production of the physical CDs and vinyl and the final electronic versions of the songs that will be available for download. 

I can't say enough about Casey and the work that he's done on this project. He's been a teacher, a mentor, a musical guidance counselor and great friend throughout this journey. His contributions as a player are also key to the project, as he plays drums, bass, synth/keys, horns, strings and various other percussion instruments masterfully throughout the record. And while Captain Queso has been at the helm, Brother Jon Rabideaux is the one that provided the encouragement and spark that launched this fair ship in the first place. His support inspired me to undertake this momentous task, and his guitar work on the record is absolutely stellar. 

Speaking of people that are central to this effort, I simply could not have done all of this without the support of my wonderful wife Roberta. In addition to providing the inspiration for many of the songs, she has essentially been my adult babysitter as I concentrate on my music. She is always taking care of me and making sure that I have everything I need, and I'd be lost without her. 

I'm really excited to get everything finished and into your ear holes, but in the meantime, you can catch me live this Saturday night at Tom's Burned Down Cafe in Lake Superior on Madeline Island (8 p.m. start). Next Saturday I'll be at Battle Axe in Iron River to close out the 100-day season - hope to see you soon!

Late Season Update 

The season rolls along with the Bayfield performances up next - Saturday on the Bayfield Inn deck from 7-10 and then the following Saturday night at Morty's Pub from 8-11. That Sunday features music with Mark Rossow and Bad Example from 1-4 at the Bayfield Winery up in the orchards. I've also added some Fall dates - Saturday, September 16 at Tom's Burned Down Cafe in Lake Superior on Madeline Island and then the following Saturday 9/23 at the Battle Axe in Iron River; there is also an October date (Friday 10/20) in Ironwood, Michigan at Cold Iron Brewing and a Saturday gig at South Shore Taphouse over the Thanksgiving weekend (11/25). I'll probably fill in available Fall dates in the coming weeks, so if anyone is interested let me know.

I've truly enjoyed playing this summer for everyone - both at gigs and otherwise - and look forward to sharing old favorites and new material alike at upcoming shows. I've started to post some videos from the “Bathroom Concert Series” recorded during the pandemic on my YouTube page, so if you're interested and enjoy anything you see, like, subscribe, share, and all that sort of thing if you would be so kind. Recording on the final songs for my forthcoming album release “Northern Songs” is less than a month away, and I'm really looking forward to reuniting with my Minneapolis friends and musical cohorts to lock in the final tracks. 

I plan to take a run at a singer songwriter showcase this Winter and will keep everyone updated. I appreciate everyone's support on this musical escapade! Tell your friends to come along as well! PEACE

Mike "Rabs" Rabideaux Benefit 

I'll be joining Brother Jon Band and many other musicians to pay tribute to Brother Jon's brother Mike “Rabs” Rabideaux at Bird's Bar in Superior next Friday night (August 4). Everything gets underway at 6:00 and music starts around 8:00 p.m.

Rabs died unexpectedly at his home this past month in Superior. He and I were lifelong friends and musical compatriots. Rabs and I shared a stage many times from my college days to the fairly recent past and I especially remember the time we played the joint graduation party that I and my sister had in 1989 (details are only shared via the oral tradition). Rabs was always on the groove and was serious in his intent when it came to music. We shared a love of Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive, Michael Franks “The Art of Tea”, all things Frank Zappa and far too many other mutual interests to recount in a blog post. He was and is my brother. 

Rabs passing may have hit me pretty hard, but it has been even harder on his immediate family/clan - his daughter Mariah, Brother Jon and not least of all his significant other Lou Ann. They are now left to pick up the pieces and resolve his final affairs.

Accordingly, I am asking for your support. If you can't attend the fundraiser show at Bird's and can contribute to the family, all tips into my website tip jar (under the “shows” tab) will be provided to the family to help cover final expenses. Alternately, here is the GoFundMe link:

Fundraiser by Mariah Rabideaux : Mike Rabideaux “Rabs” Funeral-Memorial Cost (

Thanks in advance to anyone that can contribute. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL.

R.I.P. Rabs



Baxter Bear's Birthday Bash Beach Party on Long Island 

You are cordially invited to the party of the summer! Saturday July 22 will be Baxter Bear's 3rd Birthday and we'll be celebrating with a beach party on Long Island in Lake Superior - all you need is a way to get there (if you can't rustle up a boat, you can contact Adventure Vacations at 715/747-2100 about water taxi services). Bring a beach chair and some refreshments; we will be providing some snacks. I'll be performing live music from noon until 2:00 p.m.

This event is dependent on weather. Hope to see you there for a fun day in the sun with the dog of the hour! 

Calling All Conelickers - BE IN MY VIDEO!!! 

My latest release “Conelickers” celebrates life in a tourist town and it's all about the cones! Please send me your conelicker photos (yes, that's ones of you eating an ice cream cone, although all ice cream cone-related photos will be considered) for use in the upcoming video. Get creative - remember how you would cry when the top scoop dropped on the floor? Or how the ice cream made a total mess of your little one's face? When melting ice cream drips ruined your favorite shirt? When the dog stole your top scoop? I need those photos!

See the Conelicker video in the Music section of this website or on my YouTube artist page.

2023 Early Season Report 

The summer season continues. Please come see a show and check out the new website! The final recording sessions for my new record Northern Songs are set for September 10-11 at Inner Groove Studios in Minneapolis. I'm really looking forward to getting the entire record out and into everyone's ear holes, but in the meantime, I am playing many of the songs live this summer. You can also check out the first five songs that have been released on my YouTube artist page and a live version of the unreleased track “Where the Horses Sing” with Frank “Anakwad” Montano, recorded live recently at The Backstage in Bayfield, Wisconsin.


Much love to everyone that supports my music (and also to those who don't … yet)!


Date Event Location
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Baxter Bear's Birthday Bash at Bayview Beach! Bayview Beach, Bayfield, WI Bayview Beach, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Solo @ Portside Portside Bar & Restaurant, Bayfield, WI Portside Bar & Restaurant, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Battle Axe Saloon, Iron River, WI Battle Axe Saloon, Iron River, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke @ Hoop's Dockside Hoop's Dockside, Bayfield, WI Hoop's Dockside, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke The Snug, Washburn, WI 54891 The Snug, Washburn, WI 54891
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Morty's Pub, Bayfield, WI Morty's Pub, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Battle Axe Saloon, Iron River, WI Battle Axe Saloon, Iron River, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Bad Example @ Bayfield Winery Bayfield Winery & Blue Ox Cider, Bayfield, WI Bayfield Winery & Blue Ox Cider, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Solo @ Portside Portside Bar & Restaurant, Bayfield, WI Portside Bar & Restaurant, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Port Wing Fish Boil, Port Wing, WI Port Wing Fish Boil, Port Wing, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Brother Jon with Dave Ujke Morty's Pub, Bayfield, WI Morty's Pub, Bayfield, WI
Brother Jon with Dave Ujke Legendary Waters Resort & Casino, Bayfield Legendary Waters Resort & Casino, Bayfield
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Morty's Pub, Bayfield, WI Morty's Pub, Bayfield, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke Tom's Burned Down Cafe, La Pointe, WI Tom's Burned Down Cafe, La Pointe, WI
 — (CDT, UTC-05)  — (CDT, UTC-05) Dave Ujke South Shore Brewery Taphouse, Washburn, WI 54891 South Shore Brewery Taphouse, Washburn, WI 54891
Brother Jon & Frensz Fundraiser Superior Tavern, Superior, WI Superior Tavern, Superior, WI